środa, 22 czerwca 2016

Udany PAM Summit

Odbyła się kolejna edycja PAM Summit (http://pamsummit.com/). Udane wydarzenie, około 150 uczestników. Wstępne materiały z warsztatów, prowadzonych przez Bogdana Berezę, są dostępne w http://blogomotion.com/Download/CAB.pdf. Wyniki będą niedługo na blogu: http://wymagania.org.pl/blog.html.

wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Ogłoszenie o pracę - wymagania wobec testera

Czy to są trafne wymagania wobec testera? Co sądzicie?

Required competence (need to have)
  1. Minimum bachelor in Engineering
  2. Test knowledge (have good experience of different test stages within a development project, general (test-) process knowledge
  3. Good programming skills (have experience of some programming language like C, C++, C# or Tcl/Tk)
  4. Be able to understand how SW and HW interact, and how it works together.
  5. Be logical and have knowledge of tracing faults to its source (HW or/and SW).
  6. Have experience in executing test cases, both in a PC environment, at target system level and during field test.
  7. Have experience in transferring requirement into executable test cases and also transfer these into test scripts.
  8. Be able to evaluate outcome of an executed test case, and then, if needed report deviations from expected system behavior.
  9. Be able to document results of executed test cases.
  10. Be responsible for documents like Test Specification, Test Environment Specification, and Test Record.
  11. Good English both verbally as in written form
  12. Excellent interpersonal skills
  13. Be able to work in a team together with other team members
  14. Committed, engaged with the ability to prioritize and take ownership of tasks